Our Approach To Safety And Compliance In The Transport Industry-Turner’s Heavy Haulage
Our Approach To Safety And Compliance In The Transport Industry-Turner’s Heavy Haulage

Our Approach To Safety And Compliance In The Transport Industry-Turner’s Heavy Haulage

Whether you move your products locally or interstate, the first factor is to choose a transport company offering the best safety and compliance in the transport industry. But do you know which one provides you with competitive pricing, fast delivery, and a safe transport facility?

In Australia, every year, around 80 workers working in heavy haulage projects compromise their lives because of accidents and other risk factors, such as excessive speed and tiredness or sleeping while driving. Therefore, having a list of safe approaches is essential for managing heavy vehicles and driver safety.

At Turner’s Heavy Haulage, we don’t take things carelessly for safety and compliance. We have unparalleled commitment to our clients ensuring workplace safety, industrial safety, and smooth and efficient heavy haulage transport services in New South Wales without compromising excellence.

5 Safety and compliance approaches in the transport industry we feature:

Safety and Compliance in the Transport industry in New South Wales- Turner's Heavy Haulage

  • We take road safety seriously

We emphasize road safety strictly. Our management takes time to review if there is any rule violation history of the drivers we employ for the transport industry. We have modern state-of-the-art on vehicle-monitoring and GPS technology to detect events such as abrupt turning, speeding, hard braking, diverted driving, and more instantly. We notify all these via SMS and email. Our clients have highly advanced transportation systems, including features like “no use of devices while driving”.

  • We care about workplace safety

Safety and compliance in the transport industry include workplace safety. We offer training to our workers focusing on some specific skill sets, such as practical and video training. It ensures secure load shipment, safe handling of hazardous materials, proper use of equipment in the transport industry, and following workplace safety rules. We prioritize continuing strict safety and compliance regulations for creating a secure and healthy work environment.

  • We focus sincerely on driver training

Our approach to driver training is diverse and detailed. Our driver training programs emphasize following safe driving habits, vehicle inspections, and handling risky materials. To develop the skills and practical knowledge of our staff and drivers, we constantly arrange training programs. Our drivers are well-versed in modern industrial safety rules and heavy haulage transport procedures. As part of staff support, we pay strict attention to preventing workplace violence and harassment associated with drivers and staff.

  • Highly qualified drivers 

All of our drivers serving the transport industry are highly qualified. They are the best fit to operate heavy haulage with optimal safety and efficiency. We go through the annual record-checking program for our drivers, ensuring their performance and behavior. Besides, before hiring a driver, we check their certification and proficiency. Our drug testing programs provide enhanced industrial safety with excellence in safety and compliance rules.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance 

Safety and compliance in the transport industry are offering top vehicle maintenance programs. Before and after each trip, we provide a complete digital inspection of vehicles to detect defects. Accordingly, we take steps to solve the problems associated with the trucks and trailers. Our top-notch vehicle maintenance service ensures the least risks of accidents and other harassment on the road. It also helps your loads to deliver on time.

At Turner’s Heavy Haulage, you have a secure and legitimate transport facility with optimal safety and compliance. Even we have trained drivers for the safe shipment of hazardous materials and food efficiently. Contact us for competitive transport services with utmost industrial safety.


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