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We Are The Leading Heavy Haulage Transport company in New South Wales

Safe & Reliable Heavy  Haulage Transport Service Across Australia

Based in South Wales, Tony Turners has been serving the mining industry all over Australia for the last 30 years. We are a well-known haulage transport company in Australia. We have earned the reputation of delivering oversized mining equipment and vehicles on time. We are a family-owned business who have loyal customers from all over Australia.

We have fully trained professionals who have been working with us for the past several years. We can provide heavy haulage transport service according to your requirement at affordable prices. Apart from mining construction transportation services, we also provide freight transport services. Whether you need bulk commercial goods, commodities or any other merchandise, we will deliver it to you across Australia safely and timely.

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Need commercial trucking services in New South Wales? Take hassle-free, cost-effective, highly personalized, and time-efficient heavy haulage service with Turner Heavy Haulage.

Why Choose Us

Turner Heavy Haulage is the most reliable, affordable, and experienced transport company in New South Wales serving across the mining industries in Australia.

Tony Turner is the No1 company providing haulage transport service in Australia. We understand the requirements our clients might have for equipment and vehicle haulage. This is why we work efficiently and dedicatedly to provide you with quality work.

We have a varying range of vehicles to accommodate different types of equipment and vehicles or goods. There are several factors we always keep in mind to give you a unique experience with us:

  • Affordable heavy haulage transport service
  • Dedicated, trained and experienced team of professionals
  • First priority is always given to safety and quality
  • Delivery of our service within the time
  • World-class tracking technology for all clients
  • Updated equipment and current vehicles used for all services

Our dedication to safety, quality assurance, and updated equipment means we can go the extra mile for you every time, no matter how big or small the job is.

Want To Have Hassle-Free Heavy Haulage Transport Service in New South Wales?

Stop worrying about how you transport your heavy equipment. Leave it to our experts and focus on your core job. We take over the entire truck transport responsibility and get your job done on time and within budget.

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Carrying Loads up to 80 Tonnes. Servicing Central West NSW and also Australia Wide.


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