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Australia’s Leading Heavy Haulage Transport Service

Tony Turner’s Heavy Haulage Transport Service is your go-to solution for all your heavy transport needs. It is the most recognized haulage transport company in the mining and construction industry for the past 30 years all across Australia. We have a high-standard selection of heavy haulage equipment which is different from every other company in all of Australia. Our range of equipment includes platform trailers, extendable trailers, trailer extensions, tank trailers and much more.

Based in South Wales, we also have a range of diversified vehicles for delivering heavy vehicles for your business. We strive to offer the highest quality services to our clients. We are accredited and certified for servicing all the industries that require heavy haulage transport service.

Use The Best Heavy Haulage Transport Services For Your Business

Heavy Equipment and Vehicles Transport

Our heavy haulage transport service will help you keep running your business without any delays. Just book our heavy haulage company for the timely delivery of your equipment.

Industry Leading Fleet

We have our standard industrial-size fleets which ensure safe delivery all the time. We have the capacity of delivering 80 tonnes of load at a time. Our priority is always safe delivery.

24/7 Support

We provide support to all o.0ur customers over the clock. If there is any dispute you are facing, we will help you resolve it irrespective of the time.

Why Choose Us

If you are confused about which company to choose for your heavy haulage transport service, contact us today. We will listen to all your requirements and offer you a quote accordingly. We take care of the following things for each delivery:

  • Top-notch security
  • Vehicle maintenance is done regularly
  • Transparency in our whole process
  • Appropriate insurance
  • Timely shipment

Faqs On Heavy Haulage Transport Services

What is the information you need before you organize my delivery?

The information which we require before organizing your transportation are:

  • Load type
  • The dimensions of the load
  • Your pickup and delivery address
  • Your preferred time for delivery

What are the areas in which you service?

We are based in South Wales and provide heavy haulage transport services all over Australia.

What sort of loads do your transport?

We transport varying types of loads which can vary from light goods to heavy equipment in the mining and construction industry.

What makes Turner Haulage unique?

We have more than 30 years of experience in heavy haulage in mining and construction services in Australia. Our team provides exceptional service within time and at affordable prices.

Are you concerned about having trusted heavy-weight mining transport in New South Wales? Partner with Turner Heavy Haulage.

Our team is highly focused on getting your goods where it needs to be. And you don’t need to take any hassle for the job. Let us prove our words. Call now for your construction and mining transport needs.

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Customer satisfaction is the metric for measuring our quality. Look at what our clients say about our mining transport service in New South Wales.


If you are looking for competitive mining transport quotes in New South Wales, we have an easy-to-use freight quoting process. Fill up the attached form and expect a call from our executive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check the most relevant and frequently asked questions about freight transport and freight trucks in New South Wales.

    1How many types of mining transports are there in the mining industry?

    • General haulage to transport a large volume of goods
    • Heavy haulage to transport larger or heavier loads safely
    • Plant haulage to transport plant machinery

    2 How does mining transport work?

    Mining transports move goods by road or rail between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, or depots. It includes everything from vegetables and other foodstuffs to clothes, ore, coal, and other supplies.

    3What is construction transport?

    Construction transport is the moving of objects, such as tools or heavy materials, from one place to another using specific freight. To carry building materials and equipment on a site, construction transport is needed.

    4 Why do you choose Turner Heavy Haulage for mining and construction transport?

    We have over 30 years of experience in the mining transport industry and therefore; we have the latest technology, expertise, and knowledge to rule the market with our fleet of reliable and certified mining and construction transports in New South Wales.