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Top-notch Freight Service & Truck Transport Service: Expert Planning, Management, Transparency.

With the help of efficiency and the latest innovation, Turner’s heavy haulage does things differently than others. We are the leading freight transport, logistics and Storage Company offering a range of freight transport services. You can trust us for timely delivery and keeping your goods safe. We will help you with your business with our cost-effective freight solution.

Our team of professional freight experts will make sure that all your goods are delivered within the stipulated time without any damage. We are based in South Wales but offer services inter and intrastate across Australia. We have been nationally recognized by our clients because of our premium transport and storage services. We can handle any kind of goods including heavy mining and construction equipment. Our vehicles are maintained regularly and made sure that they don’t delay the freight transport service. If you require a warehouse to store your goods, you can reach out to us anytime.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of Our top Freight Transport Services

Dangerous Goods Transport

If you have any type of dangerous goods which need to be transported, we make sure to do it without any hazards. Whether it’s fuel, chemicals or things like cyanide, we ensure no damage occurs to the people, vehicle or goods involved. Our employees are trained to handle things like these.

Oversized Vehicles

Often mining and construction industries tend to have a lot of oversized goods, which can be difficult to handle and transport. We have vehicles which are specially for transporting these types of goods.

Remote Transport

Is your mining industry or your working place in a remote place in Australia? We have experience of delivering goods to such remote places correctly. Do not fear that your goods will get lost in the way.

Commercial Transport

With a network of depots and sub-depots all over Australia, we can also deliver commercial goods on time to your customers. We can handle any goods that can be loaded onto a truck.


Do you require storage space? We can store all your goods safely in our warehouse with all the services including stocktaking, racking, etc.

Professional Freight Transport Company

We have personally taken care of all the demands clients usually make and tailored our service accordingly. We offer the following things which will give you a unique experience with our freight transportation services.

  • Personalized Service
  • Logistic solution tailor-made
  • Safe and Top-quality security
  • Easy tracking with current technology
  • Variety of freights

Searching for an efficient professional freight transport company? Look No More. Turner’s heavy haulage will give you the best freight transport service. You can get your quote for your service today and get your goods delivered all over Australia. Call us today.

FAQS for our Freight Transport Services

  1. Is it necessary to get insurance before shipping my goods?

It is always advised to get insurance for your goods. In case due to some unforeseen circumstances, your goods get damaged, you won’t get the value back from the company.

  1. What are the dangerous goods that you can deliver?

There are several dangerous goods we can provide which are gasses, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizing agents, toxic chemicals, etc.

  1. Do you transport different types of vehicles with your freight transport service?

Yes, we are equipped to transport cars, caravans, bikes, boats, trailers, etc.

  1. How to track my shipment?

With our technology, you have proactive tracking facilities with the improvement of your cargo and relevant statutes via email, SMS, or phone. We will track your freight daily and inform you in due course

Are you worried about getting a reliable freight transport services in New South Wales? Get flexible freight transport service with Turners Heavy Haulage.

We have proven proficiency and industry-leading procedures to offer our clients hassle-free, secure, and efficient freight transport services in New South Wales. Call us now and experience our unique freight trucks for your heavy haulage needs.

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Check how we satisfy our clients across Australia with our freight trucks and transport services.


Do you want smooth and fast freight transport in New South Wales to move your heavy haulage? Turners Heavy Haulage pride itself on its expert team and professional services. Fill up the form and know everything about our service excellence and rates for a fleet of freight trucks in New South Wales.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check the most relevant and frequently asked questions about freight transport and freight trucks in New South Wales.

    1How should I choose the right freight transport for moving my loads?

    It depends on a series of factors like freight value, goods, required delivery speed, route, dimensions, and weight of the freight.

    2 How do I track my shipment?

    Manually tracking is possible with a specific tool, but with Turners Heavy Haulage, you have proactive tracking facilities with the improvement of your cargo, and relevant statutes, via email, SMS, or phone. We will track your freight daily and inform you of due course.

    3Why Turners Heavy Haulage?

    We are more than a freight transport company; we are your transportation consultants with optimal efficacy, excellence, and industry-best technology.

    4 Do you transport cars?

    Yes, our freight trucks in New South Wales transport cars, caravans, bikes, boats, trailers, and more.