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With decades of experience, we understand that delays in mining construction transport services can cost a lot for companies in the mining industry. Turner Heavy Haulage is the No 1 mining haulage company & construction transport company across Australia. With unprecedented experience with both the mining and the construction industry, we provide haulage support for all equipment and vehicles in the state and locally.

Experience Excellence in Mining Haulage Company &  Construction Transport services

  1. 30 years of experience with diversified projects and clients.
  2. Involved with different company cultures and environments.
  3. Support to all our clients around the clock.
  4. Efficient coordination in tasks and optimized resources.
  5. Depots and sub-depots are located in all metropolitan and regional places all over Australia
  6. Trained drivers and heavy haulage transport equipment are available
  7. Trained in heavy haulage lifting
  8. Reputed for successfully delivering client’s requests on time.

What We Transport for Mining Industry 

  • Mining parts
  • Containers
  • Underground Drilling accessories
  • Dump trucks and their bodies
  • Excavators
  • Plant Machinery

Why Choose Us

Our Mining Haulage Company & Construction Transport Services

Local Transport

Do you need mining and construction haulage services in South Wales? We are popular among the mining and construction industry in South Wales for the transportation of equipment and vehicles.

 Interstate Transport

Although we are based in South Wales, we are known for transporting heavy vehicles across Australia. Companies based in any part of Australia can get their goods delivered to their choice of place anywhere in the country.

Tracking Facility

Just like any other goods, you can now track your shipment from your end. We use current technology that enables you to track down your goods or vehicles without any problem. We will also address your concerns and any other issues you might be facing in case of any delays.

Successful Delivery With Construction Transport Services

Construction equipment is important to carry out the work in a construction Mining haulage company. We resonate with the fact that without these construction tools and equipment, your work will stop. This is why we provide assistance to the whole construction industry by making sure that everything related to this industry is delivered on time to your destination.

We assess your requirement and provide tailor-made construction transport services which include general freight, local service, interstate service, warehousing, and heavy haulage transportation. With distribution centres all over Australia, we promise our clients exceptional service and on-time delivery.

FAQs On Mining and Construction Transport Services

  1. How many loads can you handle while transporting mining and construction equipment?

We have the reputation of handling up to 80 tonnes of load at a time. You can easily get our services for all kinds of heavy vehicle transportation.

  1. What is the cost of your services?

Many factors will determine the cost of your services. These factors include delivery location, size of the equipment or vehicles, etc. After we listen to your requirements, we will give you the final quote.

  1. What types of mining transport are used for the mining industry?
  • General haulage to transport a large volume of goods
  • Heavy haulage to transport larger or heavier loads safely
  • Plant haulage to transport plant machinery
  1. Will my equipment be transported safely?

Yes. Safety is our No1 priority. We always make sure that all your goods are packed and transported securely.

Need Reliable Heavy Transportation Service in New South Wales? Choose Turner Heavy Haulage Mining Haulage Company!

Our team is highly focused on getting your goods where it needs to be. And you don’t need to take any hassle for the job. Let us prove our words. Call now for your construction and mining transport needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check the most relevant and frequently asked questions about freight transport and freight trucks in New South Wales.

    1How many types of mining transports are there in the mining industry?

    • General haulage to transport a large volume of goods
    • Heavy haulage to transport larger or heavier loads safely
    • Plant haulage to transport plant machinery

    2 How does mining transport work?

    Mining transports move goods by road or rail between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, or depots. It includes everything from vegetables and other foodstuffs to clothes, ore, coal, and other supplies.

    3What is construction transport?

    Construction transport is the moving of objects, such as tools or heavy materials, from one place to another using specific freight. To carry building materials and equipment on a site, construction transport is needed.

    4 Why do you choose Turner Heavy Haulage for mining and construction transport?

    We have over 30 years of experience in the mining transport industry and therefore; we have the latest technology, expertise, and knowledge to rule the market with our fleet of reliable and certified mining and construction transports in New South Wales.